Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deep Thoughts With Pennywise the Clown

Deep Thoughts With Pennywise the Dancing Clown

I don't know man, sometimes it's like
Is killing kids even worth it?

IT 1990 Movie Cast
    Tim Curry as Pennywise/It. His castmates found his participation unnerving, as he stayed in character throughout the shooting and kept his distance from the other actors.
    Richard Thomas as Bill Denbrough
    Tim Reid as Mike Hanlon
    John Ritter as Ben Hanscom
    Dennis Christopher as Eddie Kaspbrak
    Annette O'Toole as Beverly Marsh
    Harry Anderson as Richie Tozier
    Richard Masur as Stanley Uris
    Jonathan Brandis as Young Bill Denbrough
    Brandon Crane as Young Ben Hanscom
    Emily Perkins as Young Beverly Marsh
    Seth Green as Young Richie Tozier
    Adam Faraizl as Young Eddie Kaspbrak
    Ben Heller as Young Stan Uris
    Marlon Taylor as Young Mike Hanlon
    Michael Cole as Henry Bowers
    Jarred Blancard as Young Henry Bowers

    Olivia Hussey as Audra Phillips Denbrough
    Drum Garrett as Belch Huggins
    Gabe Khouth as Patrick Hockstetter
    Frank C. Turner as Alvin "Al" Marsh
    Terence Kelly as Officer Nell
    Jay Brazeau as Derry Cab Driver
    Sheila Moore as Ms. Sonya Kaspbrak
    Tony Dakota as Georgie Denbrough
    Chelan Simmons as Laurie Anne Winterbarger
    William B. Davis as Mr. Gedreau
    Laura Harris as Loni (uncredited)
    Noah McIntosh as Ratata